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  • Water
    Wonderful Water

    Water. It’s vital to our lives and essential every day. The 100 seniors who call Osgoode Care Centre home will be able to enjoy better tasting, healthier water when we upgrade the filtration system and improve the well pipes.

  • The path to fresh air will leave from the rear courtyard garden
    Wind in Their Hair

    One of the joys of our rural setting is the spacious and peaceful property. But residents and staff truly can’t enjoy it as the beautiful rear courtyard is grass-covered (not easy for wheelchairs and assisted devise) and there is no sidewalk for longer strolls.

    With a paved pad in the garden and a paved 1/2 kilometre pathway extending across the rear of the property, families and friends will be able to take their loved one on a stroll.

  • A Guardian Angel
    A Guardian Angel

    Has a Public Support Worker, staff member or volunteer touched your life? Have you experienced an act of extraordinary kindness or assistance? Or ongoing exceptional care? Our Guardian Angels program is a unique way for grateful residents and their loved ones to express appreciation to a care-giver or other team member by making a charitable donation to Osgoode Care Centre in their name.

    Your Guardian Angel will receive:

  • In your will
    In your Will

    Will your legacy include caring for the residents of the Osgoode Care Centre? It does not require great wealth. It only requires the desire to have a long-term impact on the Centre and the residents who live here.

    Thanks to federal tax rules, a charitable bequest in your Last Will and Testament can significantly reduce taxes owing upon death. If you haven’t yet drawn up a will, we urge you to do so, if for no other reason than peace of mind. You can make sure that your family and loved ones will have the resources they need after you are gone.

  • Gertie and Jim
    General Donation

    Is the Osgoode Care Centre special to you? Would you like to help keep it the warm, caring, quality place it is?

    The Care Centre is a registered charity and your donation will meaningfully enhance the lives of our residents.

    Every upgrade, every new piece of equipment and every capital improvement is made possible by our loyal supporters. Recent enhancements made possible with donations from residents, families, friends, visitors, local businesses and community organizations include:

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