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Your Donation + Matching Donation = Double Donation

Gordon Matching Campaign 2021

Our long-term care home was built over thirty years ago with the generous support of our community. Today, it is home to 100 vulnerable residents.

The pandemic highlighted the importance of appropriate housing for physical and mental health. When Osgoode Care Centre was built, our resident profile looked very different than it does today. Back then, the design of our home served our community well, given most residents had good mobility and cognitive health.

That picture has changed. Today, most of our residents have significant cognitive impairment and mobility issues. The design of our home, that worked well decades ago, no longer meets the needs of our loved ones today.

We are embarking on a major re-development project to serve the vulnerable residents in our community better. We envision a place that looks more like a home and less like an institution, and where the dignity, privacy and good health of every resident is supported.

While we receive funds from the Province of Ontario, these do not cover things like capital upgrades, furniture, fixtures and equipment. We rely on the generous donations of people like you to help give our loved ones a good life.

Our goal is to raise 40k by end of the year. The Gordon Family (myself and Karen), will donate matching funds up to $20,000. We hope to reach this goal through community donations like yours.

Your donation can be made by visiting or by calling Wendy at 613-821-1034 ext. 248 or email at

I am very proud to be a Board Member at Osgoode Care and a member of our wonderful community. Please join me by donating to this matching campaign and make a difference to the lives of our loved ones. We welcome any amount and a charitable tax receipt will be issued.


- Kris and Karen Gordon