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A Guardian Angel

Has a Public Support Worker, staff member or volunteer touched your life? Have you experienced an act of extraordinary kindness or assistance? Or ongoing exceptional care? Our Guardian Angels program is a unique way for grateful residents and their loved ones to express appreciation to a care-giver or other team member by making a charitable donation to Osgoode Care Centre in their name.

Your Guardian Angel will receive:

In your Will

Will your legacy include caring for the residents of the Osgoode Care Centre? It does not require great wealth. It only requires the desire to have a long-term impact on the Centre and the residents who live here.

Thanks to federal tax rules, a charitable bequest in your Last Will and Testament can significantly reduce taxes owing upon death. If you haven’t yet drawn up a will, we urge you to do so, if for no other reason than peace of mind. You can make sure that your family and loved ones will have the resources they need after you are gone.

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