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The path to fresh air will leave from the rear courtyard garden

Wind in Their Hair

One of the joys of our rural setting is the spacious and peaceful property. But residents and staff truly can’t enjoy it as the beautiful rear courtyard is grass-covered (not easy for wheelchairs and assisted devise) and there is no sidewalk for longer strolls.

With a paved pad in the garden and a paved 1/2 kilometre pathway extending across the rear of the property, families and friends will be able to take their loved one on a stroll.

And, residents will soon be enjoying a new experience. They can be passengers on our new Trishaw - a custom three-wheeled bike peddled by a volunteer. They will feel the wind in their hair and feel healthier and happier for it.

Project cost: ~$30,000.

Availability: Summer 2019 subject to sufficient donations.


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